Fall, Where Are You? | Shift Dress & Booties

Dress: Love Journey | Booties: Lulu's | Hat & Sunglasses: Charming Charlie | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend like I did! I didn't get much rest, but I don't mind because I had a blast! Isn't it amazing how sleep becomes less of a priority when you're really enjoying yourself? Then, when you're doing something you don't want to do, you're extra sleepy and can't keep your eyes open. I always find the science of that fascinating. Anyway, let's talk about this past weekend, shall we?!

I was excited on Saturday because I was able to spend the day with my husband. Most weekends, he has shows that he plays at and normally if he has more than one, he will be tied up all night so I won't be able to see him. However, this past Saturday he had two shoes and they were both done before 4pm! I was so excited! To top it off, we ended up getting tickets to go to Kanye West's concert Saturday night and we had a great time.

 Yesterday, unfortunately my hubby had to go out of town for work, but after I dropped him off at the airport I went shopping! I got some super cute new shoes that I am dying to show you guys (I will soon, promise) and new bedding for our bedroom. We have had the same bedding since we first moved in together in 2013 and I was just super ready for a different look! Y'all know how that can be sometimes. I'm hoping to update our room this afternoon and have everything together before he comes back home tomorrow.

Now, let's talk about this cute dress in my photo. I wore this outfit Saturday, trying my best to embrace "Fall vibes" because you know, it's Fall. However, mother nature had other plans honey because it felt like 100 degrees outside! After getting a couple cute photos in this look, I had to go home and change clothes QUICK before I had a hear stroke. I am seriously hoping for some real Fall weather VERY soon. I'm so tired of being hot!

Thank you for reading! xo


  1. Love that dress doll! Glad you got some quality time with the hubby before he left!

    1. I'm so late responding to you lol but thanks love! :)

      I got the dress from a super cool chick! *wink!*

  2. Love that dress doll! Glad you got some quality time with the hubby before he left!


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