White Lace & Floral + Confessions of a Homebody

Hey y'all! It's HUMP DAY!

One of the best parts of being off on a Monday for a holiday or vacation is the fact that the week is short. I can't believe it is already Wednesday, but trust me, I am NOT complaining! I'm ready for another weekend so I can sleep in a little bit. Although I love to sleep in, I do love getting out on the weekends and doing fun things with my family and/or friends. I just always need a little motivation to get out. Otherwise, I can literally lay in bed all day and watch Netflix.

Y'all might not believe me (well, my true friends know), but I am a serious homebody! Like I could stay home and do nothing all the time. I really love just sitting on the couch watching TV or reading or eating something in some comfy clothes all day long. I'm always trying to invite my friends over because I love hanging out with them, but I don't like to leave my house! My friends that really know me can get me out though & then once I'm out, I always have a good time with them. Y'all get that right? It's kind of like when you're a kid and you don't want to spend the night at your friends' house for her sleepover, or when you're an adult and your friends are going out but you really don't want to go.. and you get all kinds of anxiety before you go and try to find every reason why you don't want to go.... but then when you get there you have the time of your life and you're so glad you went. That. Is. My. Life. I know SOMEONE feels me! I just know it.

Anyway, this past weekend I got out of the house a lot and it was great! I wore this outfit this past Saturday when my husband and I were out running errands. I'm such an introverted extrovert. Does that even make sense? Well, I don't think I make much sense sometimes so I guess it is perfect to describe who I am! :) Back to the outfit, I'm SUPER obsessed with this lace 'cold shoulder' top! I bought it a long time ago, back when it was still winter because I couldn't resist and I couldn't wait to get a chance to wear it! I seriously can't get enough of having my shoulders out. These shorts from J.Crew Factory are some of my favorites as well!

Thank you so much for reading! XOXO

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