Year One Down, A Lifetime To Go!

It's Our Anniversary! :)

One whole year I've been married to this hunk right here and I have seriously loved every minute. Folks always ask us, "how does it feel to be married?". Well, I say it feels amazing, yet, the same as before!
Marcus and I started as friends, dated long distance for about four years, moved to Houston together for a year, and then got married. I have to say I believe there's not too much we don't know about each other and there's not much we haven't been through. We experienced a lot before we even became husband and wife, so not much changed in our day to day once the knot was tied.

Sometimes it feels as if people look at our relationship and think we are "the perfect couple". The truth is...

We're Not.

No where near.

The definition of perfect is "complete, having all the required or desired elements, qualities, and/or characteristics". That is not us! First of all, neither of us are complete without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Having him at the center of our marriage is the main reason why we are in such an amazing place in our marriage. Secondly, I KNOW that I do not have all of the desired elements my husband wants! I do not cook for one, and I'm sure I can be pretty annoying. However, he loves me anyway. He is a little messier than I am and leaves the cabinet doors open when he gets something out of them, but I love him regardless! It is our imperfections that makes us unique, perfectly imperfect for each other. We endure hardships and have days where we have no idea what we are doing, but we learn together. Our love gets us through it all.

So, here's to a 100 more years married to you, Marcus. I am so in love with you and cannot imagine my life without you in it. Thank you for inspiring me, pushing me, spoiling me, and being the best husband I could ever pray for. You are the epitome of a real man and I thank God for you every day. Happy One Year Anniversary, I love you. 

A couple pictures from our first year married! Enjoy :)

Thank you for reading! XOXO

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