Mesh Bikini in Paradise


I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and Monday. I know how Mondays can sometimes be gloomy, but we have to do a better job about embracing the new beginning, right?! I spent my weekend and Monday on the couch eating ice cream and sipping soup trying to recover from wisdom tooth extraction surgery on this past Friday. Not only did I get my wisdom teeth pulled, but I had to get four additional teeth pulled too! Ugh! Take care of your teeth people because that was definitely not fun and recovery hasn't been too fun either, but I'm gratefully on the mend!
This post is about my fishnet bikini that I wore on our anniversary trip to St. Croix that I've had so many people ask me about. Well, it is from Asos, however, I bought it LAST summer and unfortunately it is sold out now! GOOD NEWS THOUGH! I have linked some similar fishnet bathing suits below for your convenience and mine is still on the website so there's hope they MAY get it back in stock. In the meantime, go ahead and get you one ladies! :)

Anyway, sorry this is so short, but I'm still kind of high off of pain meds and I'm having a hard time concentrating haha! Bare with me! Go ahead and order you one of these fishnet bathing suits I have linked below because I'm sure they will sell out very soon.

Thanks for reading! XO

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