The Last Days of Summer

Dress & Shoes: Charming Charlie Purse: Kate Spade

Now that Labor Day has passed, Fall is right around the corner! YAY! Summer is finally winding down and although I am extremely excited for Fall to come, I do love wearing bright colors in the summer time! I mean, yellow is my favorite color of all time and summer is the best time to wear yellow.

This dress SCREAMS summer! I am completely obsessed and I hate I only got to wear it twice this summer! These flowers, the colors, the style! SO SUMMER! :) Not to mention, it has pockets y'all!

I have to figure out what I am going to do with all of my summer clothes when the summer is over because once I add my fall/winter clothes back to it, they won't all fit! I think I might have to go through and give more things away in order to keep up with my shopping problem. Hmmm any suggestions for my overhaul of clothing?! I'll take all suggestions! :)

Thanks for reading! XOXO

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