It's A Party! A Baby Luau Party!

I love birthday parties, especially when the party is for a little person! :) My God-daughter turned one years old last week and her Mommy, one of my best friends Zakiya, threw her a Luau party! Oh my goodness, she was TOO ADORABLE in her little hula skirt and bikini top! I just cannot believe that my little baby girl Nyla is already one! I feel like I was just in the hospital with Zakiya waiting for her to get here and we just celebrated her first birthday. 

Time. Flies.

 I don't get a lot of opportunities to take pictures with my new camera my husband bought me. Usually he's using it taking pictures of me! I'm excited I had a chance to capture this little princess' 1st birthday party. I hope her Mommy and Daddy like the pictures and cherish them so when she's old enough she can remember her day! I'm still learning all the tricks and things I can I do, so bare with me as I share a couple shots from this beautiful day! I took A LOT of pictures, so I'm not going to share them all, but here's a few! Enjoy! :)
The BIRTHDAY GIRL, Nyla Korrin!
She was so excited when everyone started to sing happy birthday to her!

Her beautiful smash cake made by Homestyle Bakery
The beautiful family! My bestie Zakiya, Baby Ny, and Josh

Beautiful cake made by Homestyle Bakery

So glad this turned out good! It was SO HARD to make! lol

Thanks for reading! XOXO


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