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I love to see people succeed. People with ambition, drive, and a true passion in life inspire me daily. My drive is fueled by watching other people hustle. I love to see friends, old and new, doing things they love and feeling really passionate about their craft. It makes me want to do any and everything I can to help them reach their goals. 

I'm really excited to share with you guys Love Journey, an online boutique created by Sophia Cannon. As quoted on the Love Journey website, "Love Journey LLC, was founded in 2012 on the premise of extending and showing love to all people-- true love as it is defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.  It is a reminder to walk in love on this journey called life." 

I absolutely LOVE that! 

Sophia started out handcrafting beautiful jewelry for fun and once people started asking her for her pieces, that is how Love Journey came to be. She wanted her jewelry pieces to be conversation starters for women all over the world and a way to remind others to extend love to one another. This year, Sophia decided to expand her brand to not just jewelry, but a boutique for women's clothing and she has a blog as well! I definitely recommend that you all check out her product here on her website.

Let me just give you guys a little background information on our relationship. Sophia's husband and my husband have been best friends since they were really young, so I met her through her husband. We have not known each other for a long time, but I can pick up on a kind, genuine spirit very quickly and let me tell you guys, she has that. She asked me to model some of the clothing for her boutique and I couldn't feel more honored! I mean, I love taking pictures, but I'm no model! Haha! Sophia is one of the sweetest, caring, and giving people that I've met in life and I know she is not expecting me to write this post about her, but she deserves it. I am pleased to share her brand with the world and my only hope is that you all will support her and a great business!

Thank you for reading! XOXO

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