No Shopping Challenge

Okay so let me just say this. I am a HUGE shopaholic. I mean I get anxious sometimes when I'm not sitting in front of the computer screen online shopping or I'm in the mall and I'm not buying anything. Sometimes I go to websites I know I shouldn't be shopping on and I'll fill my shopping cart with a zillion things I don't need, but want. & then I "X" out of the screen really fast so I won't buy anything! Some days are easier than others and sometimes I just give in. I mean I can't miss out on those cute shorts that are on sale! Plus today is the only day for free shipping! Ya'll know how it goes! It's terrible!

Bottom line is I've never really had a problem with my own shopaholic ways. That is... until about three weeks ago.

My closet had been OVER-FLOWING with clothes and it was really starting to get on my nerves because I couldn't find anything I was looking for! I had this bright idea to remove all of my winter clothes to make a lot more room for the clothes I'll be wearing now during the Spring/Summer months. Great idea right? RIGHT!

Okay so I did not take a before picture because my closet was a MESS and I was embarrassed, but here's a picture of all of the clothes I removed from my closet.

My pile of hoodies, sweaters, vests, etc.

Here's a better shot after I folded everything.

Four giant piles!

Alright so I finished taking all of those things out of my closet and then I rearranged everything that was left and stepped back to look at all of my new found space.....and well....

Problem was, I didn't have any new space! Look!


The sad part is that I have TWO closets. This is just one of them ya'll! This situation caused me to take a long look at myself in the mirror and I realized I shop way too much. This was the first time that all my clothes got on my nerves! Badly! SO! Now for the point...

I'm giving myself a "No Shopping Challenge" until July 5th. I know that's only like three weeks, but I'm taking baby steps here people! I chose July 5th because that is 21 days from now and they say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So, I'm hoping that after this challenge it'll just become easier to not shop all the time.

I'm hoping writing this blog will help me to hold myself accountable for this goal. It is going to be so hard because I'm surrounded by things I want to buy everyday and my favorite past time is browsing my favorite shopping spots online, but I think I can pull this off! After July 3rd, I will let you all know if I succeeded or failed and I promise to be honest about it! :) Wish me luck!

Until Next Time! XO


  1. Omg! I have this same problem. I need to try this

    1. I failed! But I plan to try again soon! We should collab! :)

  2. Love this post, because I can totally relate! One thing I did that helped me when I did a no shopping challenge in the past was unsubscribe from any emails that my favorite stores would send so I wouldn't know when there was a sale or free shipping! Also, each time I got the urge to "browse" online (because there's no harm in just looking, right?) I would read an iBook or browsed news sites instead. I usually use my iPad so an iBook was easier than a physical book.
    Good luck!

    1. This is great advice! Thank you so much! I failed my challenge, but I am going to try again with your advice in mind :)


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