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Today, I thought I would share some 4th of July inspiration with you guys! I am so in love with this whole outfit from A'GACI Store and it would be perfect for the 4th! It is comfortable, breezy, and it is blue and white. I added a red lip to have all of the colors because I am extra like that haha.
My birthday dress from Kate Spade NY
Heeeeyyy beauties! Happy Monday to you all!

It is OFFICIALLY the first day of summer. Although it has already felt like summer for the past couple weeks, it's cool to know that we are in the 'summer summer summer time' now. haha

So, I promised that I would share details of my "Jay Day" Weekend with you guys so I will not break my promise. My birthday weekend was seriously one for the books and I will never ever forget it! Once again, I want to thank everyone who came and celebrated with me. I know I can be super extra at times when it comes to my birthday (or any holiday for that matter), but my friends always tolerate me and come out and I'll always appreciate you guys for that! :)


It seems as if it took forever for the weekend to get here and now all I want to do is cherish these days! The weather here in Nashville is supposed to be beautiful all weekend, so I'm hoping to get out and enjoy myself. Last weekend, we had really nice weather too and I had an amazing time celebrating my birthday with my peeps! Don't worry guys, I'm still going to share all my birthday festivities next week on here so stay tuned! :)

Anyway, last Saturday is where this amazingly comfortable and cute dress comes in! Let me just warn you now, I will be rocking my shoulders out ALL SUMMER LONG. I am obsessed with everything with my shoulders out! I mean, it's breezy, it's cute, and it has to be mine! haha

Hi everyone! I'm so excited that it is already Thursday! This week flew by and trust me I am NOT complaining! It has been a hectic week thus far, but we are making it through guys! It's so crazy how on Monday it feels like so far from the weekend, and then here we are ALREADY back at Thursday and the weekend is so close I can smell it!

Happy Monday beauties! What an AMAZING weekend I just had! My 25th birthday weekend was seriously one for the books. I want to thank you all for all of the birthday wishes, it really meant so much to me. I also want to thank those of you who participated in my 'Random Acts of Kindness' challenge all week! I hope it made you feel as great as it made me feel. I'm definitely going to keep the party going because being selfless and helping others makes me feel really good. I encourage you all to do the same! :)
Hey everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY! :)

I had the BEST time yesterday celebrating my birthday and I can't wait to share all the details with you guys next week! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I appreciate you! :)

Today's edition of 'Friday Favorites' is going to be a little different! As you all know, my birthday AND one year blogaversary was yesterday, so in honor of this joyous occasion, and because I am in LOVE with giving, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY for all of you amazing readers! I don't think I can put into words how much I appreciate all of the love and support I have received from you guys this past year. I took a leap of faith when I launched TJE, and it has evolved so much in just a short year so I know it is only going to continue to grow! Thank you for reading my content and for being such amazing spirits, this giveaway is for YOU.


Hey guys! I'm TWENTY-FIVE today!!! I feel like I should still be like 16 or something because I am such a kid at heart haha, but I am indeed 25 now. Bittersweet! Not only is today my birthday, but it is also my one year blogaversary! I seriously can't believe 'Through Jam's Eyes' has been live for a year now. It has been an AMAZING ride and I have been enjoying every minute of it. So many great things are happening for TJE, and I can't wait to see what else is in store this year!

In honor of this joyous occasion, and because I am in LOVE with giving, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY for all of you amazing readers! Stay tuned for details on the giveaway TOMORROW here on TJE.
 Tie Front Cutout Romper (this is ON SALE guys!)

Hey everyone! Happy HUMP DAY!

I am SO freaking excited today because TOMORROW is my BIRTHDAY! AH! I seriously can't believe it is finally here. If you really know me, you'll know all holidays (yes, my birthday is a holiday) are super special to me and I make a HUGE deal out of them. It took me awhile this year to get in the spirit of "Jay Day", but once I got in it, I was in it for good!

Haaaapppyyy Monday everyone!

Most Mondays are a drag, but I have an extra pep in my step this morning because it is the beginning of a VERY awesome week for me! I'm celebrating TWO major events this week, my birthday and my blogaversary,  and I can't wait to share this awesome time with you beauties! I have a couple things up my sleeve so make sure you stay tuned ALL WEEK LONG! :) The first thing I want to tell you about is my "Random Acts of Kindness" commitment for the week.
Romper: Lulu*s | Sandals: Target 

Heyyyy everybody! :) Thank goodness it is almost Friday!

I'm really excited for this weekend because it is the weekend before my birthday and I am looking forward to finalizing all of my plans for my birthday weekend. I have a pretty good idea of the main things I am doing, but I want to do something really memorable for this milestone of a birthday. I know one thing for sure, spending some time celebrating with my friends is something I really want to do and it is very important to me! 
I tried my best to make it to all of my good friends 25th birthday festivities and I'm hoping my friends will be able to celebrate with me on my day also. I absolutely LOVE spending time with my friends! Which brings me to the significance of this outfit, or rather the event I wore it to.

Hey everyone! Happy HUMP Day! :)

I am SUPER excited today because it is JUNE FIRST!! It is OFFICIALLY my birthday month and I am PUMPED! I seriously can't believe I am about to be 25! Trust me, I feel a slew of emotions about it all, but the above picture pretty much sums up my true feelings! :-D

I felt that today would be the perfect day to highlight this super cute fringe dress I wore to a surprise birthday party a week or so ago. I was shopping at my local Ross when I came across this dress and I carried it around the store for about 30 minutes debating if I was going to buy it or not because at the time, I had no where to wear it! I am so glad I decided to buy it because I absolutely LOVE it and it was perfect for the party I went to, which had the color scheme of black, gold, and silver!
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