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Sweater: Old, but I found one here! (thanks bestie!), Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: Old, but LOVE these!


I'm still on such a high from all the snow we got this past weekend! It literally made me so happy. Which is ironic because I went into the snow day reluctant, really upset, because the plans that I originally had were cancelled because of the snow. I don't really want to go into details, but it was a really great opportunity for me and for the brand I am trying to build for myself, and when I found out the weather was going to prevent me from doing it, I was upset! I mean who wouldn't be?!

But when I woke up on Friday morning and saw the beautiful snow falling and it covering the ground and cars like a beautiful white blanket, I couldn't help but to smile because THAT is God's work. It reassured me that even though I missed this particular opportunity, God is lining up many more for me this year. So why even sweat it? It was at that moment looking out my window I just decided to enjoy it. To enjoy the moment. :)

Anyway, there is something about red and grey together that really make me happy this time of year. First of all, I love red anyway, but grey tied with it makes for a great combo. I'm seriously obsessed with this sweater my bestie Chanquilla gave me a couple year ago! I love it because you can dress it up or down, plus it is SO comfortable! Without a doubt, one of the best gifts ever!

Who else has snow right now? How did you guys spend your snow days? I did a lot of movie watching, junk food eating, and hot cocoa drinking. :) I'd love to know how you spent your da[z]e. Leave it in the comments below!

Thank ya'll for reading! XOXO


Oh my gosh, and I mean it REALLY snowed. I haven't seen snow like this since I was about 4 years old! I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the beautiful snow fall and even almost falling on my face in it. I don't know when the next time will be when we have a snow like this, so I wanted to take full advantage!

Here in Nashville, we don't really know how to handle this type of weather. The entire city SHUTS DOWN completely. So, the night before this massive snowstorm hit, I went to the store to make sure my husband and I had plenty food and snacks so we could be snowed in together and NOT hungry. It was really fun to be snowed in with my hubby and I know if we did not have any food, we probably wouldn't have been so nice to each other. We spent most of our day watching movies, pestering each other (we do that even when there's no snow haha), playing games, and cooking together. We even took a moment to go outside and have a mini-snowball fight! He hit me in the face with a snowball which I wasn't too happy about, but I was a good sport. Those moments are the ones I can't wait to tell our future children about! :-)
So let's talk about my outfit for a second! Ya'll know I LOVE yellow! So wearing one of my most favorite yellow sweaters on this beautiful snow day only seemed like the right thing to do to top off my day. Bright spring colors on a wintery cold day is just so Jamaria, don't you think?! Haha OH! And these Tory Burch rainboots?! They are so comfy and warm! They definitely came in handy. I HIGHLY recommend if you don't own snow shoes like me. We rarely get weather like this, so I had to improvise with what I had. :)

Thank you so much for reading! Y'all stay warm! XOXO

Happy New Year Beauties!!
I'm BACK. It has been a LONG holiday season with work and other things going on in my life and I wasn't able to blog like I wanted to, but I am back and I promise I am working diligently to produce new content for you guys! Please just bare with me! :)
I am SO excited that it is finally 2016. I truly feel like this is my year! I have so many things planned this year and I can't wait to share it all with each and every one of you! I hope you all had a joyous holiday season with your friends and family because I sure did. I didn't really get any time off from work, but the time I did have, I truly enjoyed spending that quality time with those I love.
 This was my husband & I's first Christmas together as a married couple and it was one of the best yet. My friends love to tease me because every year after each holiday, I always say "best Christmas ever", and they are like "every year is the best year ever" (haha)! It's true though guys, I feel like every year just gets better and better. We find new ways to celebrate, new traditions to keep us close, and seeing my family all together always just makes me whole year!
Anyway, I don't want to make this a super long post, but I did want to say Happy New Year and I am looking forward to even greater things this year. I do want to hear from you guys though! If you have any ideas of content you would like to see here on "Through Jam's Eyes", please let me know! I am always open to new ideas. :)
Thank you so much for reading! XOXO
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